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User Experience (UX) Process

Good Day PSP3500 ūüėÄ

I would hope the holiday season do not make you forget things I have taught you last week.. btw, you can get it here for your reference. So this time, i want to make sure that you get clear understanding on the UX process, particularly, at research stage.


It is a sequential process, where it has to undergo phases from one to another. Research must go first before analysis, analysis before design, then design, and followed by production. So there is no way that it can jump from research to production.

Also remember! the UX process is not one cycle. It doesn’t just flow from strategy to launch like that. It takes one or more¬†cycles to ensure it has been tested/evaluated.

Alright, lets just talk about research phase. Research is made as the first phase, because it provides data for you to work with. With this data you can measure on what should you achieve later, what kind of measurement you will need to do. For example, if you want to cook fried rice, you will need to get focus on the specific ingredients just for the fried rice right? then you will set a target about the taste of fried rice, like extra spicy for example? then you will measure numbers of spices to achieve your target; spicy friend rice.

So to do a research, we need a tool. To cook fried rice we also need tools. what can this tool do for you? obviously, set of kitchen tools like knife, chopping board, frying pan will help you focus on how to cook the fried rice. In research, you will need tools like interview, observation and observation to work with your data.

Below, you will see a video compiling inventions that have gone though UX process. Observe those videos, just choose ONE of them and tell me, what would you think was the data of the research process. Sample of answer is provided on the first comment.


Good luck!

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PSP 3500 Design and Environment

Good Day Class ūüėÄ

Let me introduce you a cool term in design and and environment: Information Interaction Design. What’s that? they are just three words that represents techniques to deliver information effectively. Of course, with the help of design. Take a look at this picture;


in a simple sentence, we have abilities to transform any data (even difficult ones) to become wisdom, so everyone can receive data easily.

Have you ever come in a situation where you don’t understand something and you wish to understand it easily? ok. now we have techniques. This framework you see is called information interaction design. It provides stages of techniques that we can transform data becomes information, information becomes knowledge, and knowledge becomes wisdom.

Data become information

Data is often boring, incomplete, or inconsequential. It is not valuable as information because it isn’t a complete message. Thus, data is not meant to be presented. Data should be organized to become information. Meaning, sort them out ¬†and make them make sense for the users. Some designers undergo user experience test / survey / observation to understand what kind information that make sense for the users.

Information become knowledge

It is the first level of communication with users. It presents meaningful messages because data is already organized according to ways users can understand. Some designers use multi sensory approach for the presentation to comprehend  the message, such as putting sound effects, using appropriate typography, utilizing images/graphic to support meanings and applying animation/videos.

knowledge become wisdom

It is the highest level of understanding. It is a level where users can understand the information and have interpretation at the same time. In another words, users have full understanding and they have personal feelings too. To make wisdom among users, we need to create experience. Some designers integrate storytelling technique to create experience. By using storytelling technique, users are brought to a complete situation including beginning, climax, and ending.

Alright class, by understanding my notes above, I want you to CHOOSE ONE VIDEO below and observe. Find out from the video if it has (ALSO, JUST CHOOSE ONE)

  • data become¬†information
  • information become knowledge
  • knowledge become wisdom
  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4o0ZVeixYU&list=PL8158340F4CFCF117&index=2
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCt_MzsnIUk&list=PL8158340F4CFCF117&index=4
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRgWttqFKu8&list=PL8158340F4CFCF117&index=3
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOHVVwqjeFo&list=PL8158340F4CFCF117&index=7

Please write your answer on the comment section below. You can see sample of  answer format is on the first comment. have a nice day!

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