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I guess my life has changed.. Its a phenomenon!

I don’t know how do I express this, but it is so phenomenon to realize that my life has eventually changed. I have been using my 7” DroidPad for several weeks and I don’t have a single complain of using it. I mean, of course there’s a little comment on some small technical expectations in terms of latest trends and capabilities whatsoever.. but other that, I feel like truly amazed.

I download reading materials in pdf and words and I can read them at any of my 5-10 minutes available times of the day at anywhere. As a result, I can finish reading like 2 to 4 journals in a day! More than that, I become even more efficient, because my email alerts me with sounds and vibration for every incoming mail. It reminds me solat time, qiblat (I found this very useful during my travel to penang last week), calendar that reminds me my appointment and task schedule, GPS! (big screen lah ofcourse), browsing most visited websites in single click from the wall, dictionary, mp3, camera, video recording, phone (yes! It is also a phone), android market for me to download plenty apps for free.. oh btw, I have downloaded bahasa/English dictionary to my wall, more functions like contact list, youtube, news on my wall.. its just soo phenomenon. The last time I went for a meeting, I managed to key in the task on my calendar reminder (whereby the location column was linked to GoogleMap and GPS :P), I took notes using Microsoft words, and I opened my pdf and Microsoft words document at the same time.. (multi window) and not to forget my thankful for the excel because I can key-in my student’s mark on the spot inside the class.. and upload it on the spot! I can’t just imagine that I can do so many things and achieve so many tasks in a day. Frankly, I feel like bringing a personal robot in my pocket at all time 😀

map auto detection from calendar appointmentFor a second, I remember the term “homosapien digitalensis” introduced by Mark Prensky, which means, an evolution where technology has made human not only smarter but also wiser..:D  I guess my DroidPad has transformed my brain to become “technological determinism”, because I have now become so depending on technology to survive.. if you ask me how do I feel.. I have never been so happier 😀

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