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Hello again creative people!

ive seen creative words based on your previous participations. I can forsee excellent creative thinking process on your mind while you write your comments. This time, I want you explore another upin-ipin movie, in which, all of your comments will become part of our book project. Therefore, I would kindly to remind you, to do it at your best!

Okay, so you have seen some ‘creative scenes’ in the story. Now, based on this movie (link below) look at some specific “malay” items that that support the character/story, such as songkok, baju kurung, serkup, alquran citation frame on the wall, wooden house, laman (kampung style) in front of the house, ketupat (as said by Opah) etc.. and describe it based on the screen capture minutes


Good Luck!

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GED561: Competition submission: Tues 24/08/10

My Dear Digital Artist,

Please show me your comic strip with the following details:

Date & time: Tues, 24 Aug 2010, 2 pm

Venue: Comp Graphic Lab 2

To bring: (1) A4 size color printed comic strip, (2) softcopy of the comic (JPEG, 300 dpi) in a CD, and (3) completed form

on the address section, please write down

Graphic Design and Digital Media Department

Faculty of Art and Design

Unviersiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

40450 Shah Alam

Wishing you best of luck!


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GED412 Creative Thinking: Creative mind maping

Hello guys,

remember our previous class discussion on our upin ipin project? where you need to form a group of 3 for your final project? where each of the group should come with one creative mind map on the selected topics? For now, I want you to take a look at this creative mind map examples and observe its content quality:


For your easy reading, read this good article to improve your mind map http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newISS_01.htm .

Ok, for exercising your creative mind, this week task is for you to take a look at this upin-ipin movie and find anything “creative” from the movie (it can be its language,  shirt, background scene, etc) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc6OcZ3BoRQ

Good luck & see you in class next week 😀


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Jadual imsak dan berbuka Ramadhan 2010

Disini saya sediakan jadual imsak dan berbuka lengkap dengan jadual solat  sepanjang bulan Ramadhan 2010 bagi kawasan Selangor dalam format microsoft word version 2003 (sumber rujukan: http://www.e-solat.gov.my). Sila “copy-paste” link dibawah  untuk dimuatturun, cetak dan kongsikan bersama. Sama-sama kita jadikan bulan Ramadahan ini Ramadhan yang terbaik bagi kita semua. Insya Allah.


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