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GED516: your project brief and marking criteria

Hello class,

Please take note and align yourself ūüėÄ to this project brief and marking criteria¬†http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N7NWUB0Y¬†and also¬†our porposal for the exhibition http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RD2HCZG0

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GDT412 Creative thinking: Tony Buzan

Hello my dear creative thinkers,

As discussed earlier, you need to find information about Tony Buzan, this week right? For now, I need you to describe your finding about him in about 300 words. Dont forget to put your name and student ID attendance purpose. thanks.


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ged 561: digital comic (1st task)

1. find any information about digital comic. Try not to limit yourself into its definition only, but explore more information such as by sample, issues, types, popularity, characteristics, trends in certain countries (such as japan), etc.

2. Provide the source of the information.

3. Write your own opinion in 250 words

4. Provide me your name, student ID and Group (for attendance purpose)

Thank you.

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welcome back my talented students

hoping to hear good news from you. lets put the gear on and move!

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