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2010 Resolutions

from one year to another, time passing by.. it is now the time to mirror ourself, look behind, see infront. Regular question raised..What have we done so far? do we achieve our goal of 2009? I had promised myself that 2009 was suppose to be an important year for me, and I did make some big changes. let me see.. my property, my family, my money, my career, my books, my research papers, my religion improvement.. well, I admit that not all of them I have achieved, but frankly..  I have my done best.

2010 is here. There are more challanges to come. I forsee 2010 as a big challenge for me. To many important deadlines in 2010 to achieve. No matter what. I have to publish my books, I have to enroll for my PhD,  I have to look for scholarships/grants, I have to plan for buying another property in 2011, I have to prepare better financial, I have to publish my research papers oversea, I have to win competition award (research product or photo).. ahh i just cant think of it..

There is nothing more I can hope from.. only Allah the one who knows.. let me start 2010 with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Ya Allah the one who protects, please protect me and my family from anything that can obtstruct our plan f0r 2010, Ya Allah the almighty, the creator who creates.. only with His permission, please allow me to accomplish all my will for 2010.. Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim…

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