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vcm703 is closing. get the submission method here

my fellow multimedia masters.. ūüėÄ i wish to congrulate you for the good presentation. I will consider 1 or 2 of¬† your mobile application research to be published and presented on conference/seminar/convenion.

Here is the submission form for you to download. Bare in mind, the deadline is friday 23/10/09 before 3 pm. or EARLIER.

for form and instrcutions, please download from here


for CD label and cover, please download from here


Please ask me anything on the submission method, we can discuss it here. wishing you all the best


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ged167: photography 1 is closing

so hows your visit to butterfly park KL? did u guys have fun? good. As explained inside the bus yesterday, u may submit all of your assignments including the final project (butterfly park) in a CD within this week: monday (Oct 12, 2009) until friday (Oct 16, 2009) before 3 pm. Late submission will bare the consequences. The following links provide you files to download

1. for the cd label, pls download here


2. for archive form, pls download here


3. for template file of your final project, pls download here

pls ask me anything here to discuss further about the submission. Reply guaranteed within 24 hrs.  Early submission is recommended.

cheers ūüėÄ


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ged511: digitalcomic is closing (for now)

Well done All! There is nothing more than I can say.. CONGRTULATION. However, this is just the begining. I would certainly hope, the same level of confidence, same quality of work, same hardwork, same teamwork, same SPIRIT to all you do in becoming UiTM Art and Design graduates!!

Guess what? the dean loves yous exhbition so much asks for  another bigger exhibition in with your artwork. Dr. Kamy urges to publish it in TV1, Prof. Mazlan request for bigger exhibtion. Pn Jamizan request for books.

I will dedicate one soecial page  here, on my blog, just for our exhbition.

by the way, this the form submission for you to download.

Thank you and all the best to all of you!

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vcm703 presentation format

Dear mobile app designers ūüôā

As agreed earlier, your presentation time will be:

date and time: wed, 14 october 2009. 6.00-900 pm

I would recommend you to follow the following format:

1. Introduction (description of your proposal with some knowledge support from your journal writing)

2. Describe your casestudy in relation to your project.

3. Ellaborate the user testing report finding and share your future recommendation to improve the mobile application

Thats it ūüėÄ as simple as 123. Good luck!

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ged167: preparation before site visit

As you all know, our photograpphy visit to butterfly park has been confirmed. Below are the details:

day and time: sunday, 11 oct 09 Р 9.00 am

venue : seroja. before coaching to KL

items: camera

bfast and luch provided.

For today’s class (mon, 5 october 2009), you need to send me, here, by replying this message: at least 2 references of art elements/ design principles. Please see example from the comment. For further questions, pls ask me. Thanks!


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digital comic exhibition by ged511

thu, 8 october 2009 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

thu, 8 october 2009 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

proudly presents the digital comic exhibition by my class gd3D and gd3G. Its about adaptation of selected comics into multimedia platform. Launch by the dean of faculty, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustfa Halabi. Thu, 8 Oct 2009. 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

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