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vcm703: usability testing

dear multimedia experts! 😀 remember that tomorrow night (wednesday Sep 30 2009), we’ll conduct our usability testing on each of your mobile applications. Remember, you need to

1. Bring your own user to our lab to test the application

2.  apply usability testing instruments  (remember? i gave you this last two week in the class?)

3.  run the application on HP iPaq rw6828

4. record it on video

5. Bring back your data and analyze it. Next week will be your presentation!


Good luck and all the best! 😀


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ged167:Photography1: visit to butterfly park KL

finally! our semester is coming to end and we’ll  hunting out for great shots.. as promised, we’ll go to butterfly park KL. Ive just got the approval from faculty, and will confirm the date soon. It might be on sunday.  For now, pls proceed to do more research on design principles and art elements…  stay in touch for the next announcement!

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courtessy reminder

my dear students,

i know its been a hard time to study this semester with numbers of holidays, fasting months and raya celebration in several more days. I wish to take this opportunity to ask for forgivness and wishing you happy hari raya. At the same time, as a courtesy reminder, after hari raya will be our week 13. We have only 14 weeks in a semester. Thus, pls prepare your final projects for our final presentation in just about a week as you return from hari raya . Send my regards to your parents and have a nice journey back to hometown.. lets keep in touch 🙂


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