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VCM 703: Research 2: Proposal

after brainstorming my self again, i think we shouldnt do the case study yet, but should the proposal instead. Yup, your assigment 2 is the proposal, not case study. The case study method needs to be explained in details, and i’ll exlplain it in class next week. Your case study will be much stronger when you have your proposal ready and know your position.

For the proposal you need to have:

  1. proposed mobile application title
  2. background of study (why do you choose to develop that mobile app)
  3. market research/references (issues on using the application)
  4. objectives (1 specific objective & at least 2 general objectives)
  5. beneficiaries of the application
  6. target audience (demographical data)
  7. sketches (scanned hand-drawing layout design and its rational)
  8. flowchart (information structure on the pages)
  9. features of the mobile app.

Wishing you all the best! I open myself for any question and further discussion.


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GDD 511 assignment 1: Comic materials

to be presented next week (13/08/09)

1. Character development on 3 views; (i) front (ii) side (iii) 45 degree view. If you have 3 characters, so you have to develop 3 of chacaters lah..

2. story line. Draw horizontal line and provide 3 points: beginning, climax and ending. Describe in paragraph of each important scene you want to tell, not necessary 10 scenes representing 10 frames, but you can summarized it.

3.  storyboard. illustration version of your comic strip.


good luck! 😀

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Job opportunity ;)

Graphic Designer (freelance/part time/full time)

Responsibilities: designing below the line promotion (newspaper ad, brochure, corporate identity, etc)

Location: East Heritage Sdn Bhd. Petaling Jaya.

Contact: Mr. Shahreza (012 29415553)

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