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mobile application: seminar ICT in education

I have presented my paper at Seminar Kebangsaan ICT dan pendidikan 2009 at ipoh recently. The feedback I got was good. There were more people aware of the use of ICT in education in Malaysia. Different people with different background have found significant of ICT in education in many areas. Not much on mobile, there were only 4 presenters talk about mobile including me.

My research on a mobile application as we named it i-visual, was revealed. Its usability amongst Graphic Design students was tested and the result was very encouraging. The application provides information on design tips, design glossary (dictionary) as well as podcast (audio archive). Initially, the application consisted of videos, samples, and some useful texts.

As I said in the seminar, my application might have not been implemented widely. I used Adobe Flash to project the file with Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile 5.5. As a result, generally, the mobile was usable, expected to be updated with more functions. Thanks to my research partner Fadilahwati (Faculty of Education, UiTM) and Clement anak Jimel.

Should any one having interest on mobile application like this, may contact me. I am conducting another reserach on mobile application for commercial purpose for Internation Conference this year.

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posting comment to my blog using yahoo email. its very user friendly and save my time alot

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photo3photo2photo1Dear class,

These photos were taken during my visit to butterfkypark KL with your senior last year. All photos are copyrighted to me, re-using anyone of them without my permission is plagiarism.

For this class,  please choose anyone (one only ya!) from these photos and describe one item from design principle or art element (for example, just describe the line only, or shape onlt, or color only, or harmony only, or dominance only, etc.)


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