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VCM703: Research 3: Case Study

Dear class,

here is what you need to do for your assignment 2: research 3 (case study)

1. Find any mobile application/website/CD interactive that has similarities on your proposed project.

2. Write your comments based on issues occured, moments, and your recommendations. See this format as the sample. http://www.infodesign.com.au/ftp/ReviewNotes.pdf  credit this link with the author too: Gerry Gaffney on your reference.

3. You need to screen capture the interface on each category of principle (Navigation, Functionality, Control, …etc) before filling in the table.

i open any question if you need further explanation.

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GED511: assignment 1

Dear all,

here is your assignment 1. List to do:

– 3 food icons dan 3 emoticons untuk setiap 1 icon
– jadikan dalam satu file (size A4, 72 pixel)
– format jpeg
– email ke ron2994@yahoo.com
– deadline: khamis, 5hb feb 09

assigment1 sample

assigment1 sample[you need to do 3 like this]

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Days have past

My god. Days gone rapidly. I havent got a time to finish plenty of tasks.. few days a go, i turned 34. Heheh, still feeling young though. I’ve promised to myslef this year will be a different year. 34 is a special number for me, and i will prove it.

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for thesis students

sorry and thank you for aimi, my bad. I suppose to create this new link dedicated just for THE669 students. All thesis students are welcome to post your comments here

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Digital Storytelling

welcome back nik and the gang, you’ve accomplihed vis com seminar 1 and now proceed to vis com seminar 2. Dont worry about Malaysia Book of Record we did last semester, we’ll still proceed and put in our best effort to get it in our hand. This time around, i’ll make your life easier. we will do a DIGITAL STORYTELLING. Produce 3-5 mins video with combination of graphical screen, images, motion picts, special effects, and sounds. Topic is ~~gaza~~. we’ll publish it to youtube, as well as presenting it physically. Details in the class. Good luck!

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Yea.. Photo

I just love photography.  Photo class.. you may start looking for best deal in purchasing your DSLR, ask me to get the best package.. I am planning to conduct a seminar on photography and will arrange expert from canon malaysia to give some talks, say may be week 4 or 6, btw week 5 is actualy your mid break. so be prepared! The nest thing to do, i’ll tell in the class next week for you to do 10 shots on nature, people, and building. I need good descriptive expression on each photo 😀

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hello master’s students!

welcome to our online community. To remind you again, your project this semester is mobile application with comprehensive research. You may prepare your assignment 1 already: Research 1-Journal Writing= 1000 words. The deadline is week 4; 21st Jan 08. If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask me.. 😀

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